College Recruiting

College Counseling and Athletic Recruitment are very personalized journeys. Finding the right combination of athletic experience, academics, time commitment, and over-all college experience takes time and guidance. With over 12 years of college coaching, counseling, and admissions experience, Kathleen can help your athlete find their ideal fit! Meetings will be individualized and tailored specifically to your athlete’s needs and will help keep your athlete on track with the recruiting process. Additionally, she will act as their point of contact for college coaches and can help with everything from setting up communication, to visits, to getting answers to any and all questions you may have.


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Katie has had a 100% placement rate for athletes looking to play in college.

Kathleen Charles

Athletic Recruiting Specialist & College Counselor

Assistant Coach with Endicott College Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Assistant Women’s Coach and Head Club Men’s Coach at Dartmouth College, Director of Volleyball Operations at the University of Georgia, and Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Kenyon College. Currently the Recruiting Coordinator and Coach at Sunshine Volleyball Club. College Counselor and Athletic Recruitment Specialist with Great Expectations College Prep and College Counseling Consultant for the A.C.E. Volleyball Club (Vilseck, Germany) and the Department of Defense Education Association (Europe and Pacific).

The college athletic recruiting process can be confusing, frustrating, at times discouraging, but ultimately can be extremely rewarding. Maybe you don't know where to get started or don't have a game plan. Come to our free seminars to get a better understanding of this process. You will hear from Kathleen and some college coaches!


Recruiting Seminars


Initial Consultation

In this 1 hour introductory consultation Kathleen will break down the college recruiting process, establish a recruiting plan just for you, and evaluate the target level or division. 


1 Hour Session $100




The easiest way to make a great first impression on a coach and pique their interest is with a recruiting video. We can help you create one that will show off your skills and in-game ability! We can film at VIBE or cut video from game film. You will be able to send a link of your video out to all the schools you are in communication with and give them a preview of your abilities. It’s the easiest way to get the conversation started!

Packages starting at $300

Counseling Packages


Counseling packages include the initial consultation, additional consulting for college selections, organization, personalized recruiting plan, tailoring lists, highlight or skills video, game footage, and a follow-up meeting. 

Packages starting at $375