Active rest day vs full off day


Active rest day vs full off day:

How do you avoid overtraining? This is a very common question parents and players ask me at VIBE. With the non-stop practice and tournament schedule athletes have during the long club season it is tough to not feel like you are overdoing it. Be sure to add in rest days to recover faster and prevent injuries. Training too often will limit your volleyball strength gains and undermine your recovery efforts. Scheduling weekly active rest days will help maintain a balance in your training.

What should a recovery day look like? For a rest day, you probably feel like you should sit at home while binge watching Netflix and not moving from the couch. Although this sounds like the perfect excuse to rewatch season 1 and 2 of Stranger Things, unfortunately, doing nothing won’t help your body recover. The only time I would recommend taking a full day off with no activity and couch surfing is if you are feeling absolutely fatigued and mentally burnt out. All other rest days should be ACTIVE, nothing strenuous, but something light enough to get your blood flowing. Movement will help the body heal!


Don’t worry, you can still get your Netflix on after you have incorporated something fun and active into your day.

Ideas for active rest:

  • Mobilize with lacrosse balls or foam roller
  • Take an easy yoga class
  • Go for a light beach jog, hop in a pool for a quick swim, or an easy bike ride
  • Resistance band exercises
  • Stretch it out!

The goal is to get proper circulation to help speed up your recovery process.

We have active rest classes at VIBE. Core & Stretch on Wednesday nights, Plyo & Mobility Sunday afternoons. 

Don’t skip out on rest - if you can work in active rest days, it will be a game changer!