Kelly Reeves

San Diego native, Kelly Reeves, is currently a top player on the AVP Tour and has been since she made her debut in 2016. She had such a stellar start to her professional career, playing in six tournaments, with top finishes of fifths on two occasions, earning her the Rookie of the Year title. Prior to becoming an AVP stud, she was an alternate for the indoor National Team in 2013. 

This UCLA grad was the first ever in school history for sand to be an AVCA Collegiate Sand Volleyball All- American in 2013. During her indoor career she helped lead UCLA to a National Championship title in 2011. So pretty much Kelly is a beast of an athlete with a crazy impressive volleyball history and bright future in her beach volleyball career. 

UCLA Indoor Championship, 2011

UCLA Indoor Championship, 2011

Beastin on Tour in 2017,  AVP Photograhy

Beastin on Tour in 2017, AVP Photograhy

Q & A with Kelly

If you could pick any sport other than Volleyball to be professional in, what would it be? 

Professional Surfer. 

Do you have a secret talent? 

Not sure if I have secret talent, but I’m pretty good at shooting hoops. Any time you want to play a game of HORSE or PIG, you better bring your A game! 

What do you plan to do after you are done playing beach volleyball?

I’d like to travel a little bit and explore the globe. I’d like to learn how to ski or snowboard. 

But mainly I would like to coach. Whether it is beach or indoor, volleyball is passion of mine and I love being in the “volley world.” Maybe a little announcing or commentating, but definitely want to stay involved in the volleyball community. 

What would your autobiography be called?

How to keep it gucci.


What is your favorite meal?

My all time favorite meal is Burgundy Tri-Tip, otherwise known as the famous “Cardiff Crack.” It’s not just your average Tri-Tip, it’s marinated to perfection and is literally so good! (If you ever find yourself in San Diego, be sure to check out Seaside Market and pick some up!)

In addition to the Tri-tip, I like to pair that with a good green leafy salad, sweet potatoes, and to top it off, mom’s homemade pecan pie for dessert! 




Fun Fact:

Kelly won the CBVA Girls 16 & Under Championship with VIBE Trainer, Natalie Hagglund in 2008.


A few of Kelly's favorite things....

Coffee, pizza, the beach, Instagram, tropical house music, (Kygo is my JAM)

Am obsessed with NASA, love to journal, have taken up little bit of photography, and love any Rom-Com type movie.