How to Properly Warm Up for Practices, Matches & Workouts


Above all else, the most important thing you can do before a workout, practice or game, is to warm up properly.

Why is it so important??

To help prevent injury!

Think of your muscles like rubber bands.
When you spend all day sitting at school, hunched over your desk, those rubber bands go almost completely unused. Then, you go to practice and immediately jump into hitting lines – those cold, unstretched rubber bands get pulled apart very quickly and will snap.

So, what about just a few quick static stretches before?

figure 4 stretch.JPG

Unfortunately, just doing static stretches can overextend muscles, robbing them of the power and strength necessary for your actual workout/movements needed to perform in practice...

For that reason, dynamic warm-ups are the way to go!


By moving around and loosing up your muscles, you will keep yourself strong and injury free.

Dynamic warm-ups help activate your central nervous system and improve your blood circulation. Use the warm-up to get your muscles and joints ready for maximum flexibility, which allow you to perform movements on the court utilizing PROPER form to minimize the risk of injury.

When you step on the court for the first serve you want to be sweaty. Your body will be ready to start the game off at a high level, rather than needing a few rallies to get warm and in the rhythm.

You may not see the benefits of this now at a young age, but when you are in your 20’s playing professionally and have been training for over 10 years, trust me...your body will thank you for taking care of it.

It just takes 10 minutes to prime your muscles to help you perform at a high level.  

Test out this quick and easy warm-up routine you can do anywhere….

  • Before practice

  • At tournaments to prep for matches

  • Pre weight training or conditioning


Jump Rope 3 -5 Minutes

-Mix in single leg jumps, side to side, double unders

I use this lightweight, adjustable jump rope. You can find it on Amazon here.

20 body weight squats

10e leg spiderman lunges

-Plank position, lift your hips to step your right foot outside of your right hand, hold, back to plank and switch

10e leg hip up and overs

-Like you are stepping over a tall hurdle

10e leg swings forward/backward

10e leg swings crossbody

10 scap push ups

-Start in a high plank position, keep body in a straight line, tight core, glutes, and quads. Lower body slightly by pinching your shoulder blades together and push back up.

10 mini arm circles each direction

10 big arm circles each direction