SETTERS- How to Run an Effective Offense




Trust me. I love the fancy stuff but if you aren’t putting up a CONSISTENT and HITABLE ball, you won’t win. Your hitters need to be given the best chance to get a kill and they can’t do that with a set thats too tight, wide or low. My tip for this is if your set isn't going to be PERFECT then be sure to always error your sets high, off & inside.



Your goal as a setter is to give your hitter a 1 on 1 with the block. There are three ways to give your hitters this opportunity, ONE….. Go against the flow of the pass. TWO…. Establish your middle hitter early in the game so that the other middle is always a little worried about them or run your middles as much as you can so you keep the opponents middle blocker disciplined. THREE…. Get the ball to your hitter as soon as you can by running a fast tempo offense in system.


What hitter responds well to a pressure situation? How do your hitters react after they make a mistake--Do you give the ball back to them because they are fired up and want to make up for it? Or give them some time to breathe it out, get back in their groove before you give them another ball? Know how they individually like their sets…. High & Tight because you have a 6’5 Outside hitting against a 5’7 blocker? Off the net but fast because you have a small outside and she wants to beat the block and not get trapped by the block?



Absolutely talk to your hitters… before the play, after the play.. even during the play. Keep them focused and engaged. Tell them that you are setting them the next ball  or that you will be there to cover them so they feel confident to swing away. Your hitters are your weapons. If they aren’t working, you won’t win. What’s more important than talking to your hitters? Talking to your passers. What can you do without a good pass? You can’t run an offense. Before the play, demand a good pass from them. During the play, let them know where you are “right here, right here!!” After the play, acknowledge their good passes, get them back in the game after a bad pass.