College Recruiting Changes


Did you know there could be some changes in the college recruiting world? 

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So, the big talk amongst Division I college coaches for the last month has been the pending change in NCAA legislation surrounding early recruiting. During the NCAA Division I Council meetings, April 16-18th, there will be several new proposals up for vote that will have significant impact on how student-athletes and college coaches will interact in the future.

Currently, the recruiting rules for Division I restrict official (paid for) visits to senior year of high school, but allow students athletes to visit a campus unofficially at any point outside of NCAA mandated dead periods. Proposal No. 2017-111 would make a significant change to those rules. Now, student athletes would be able to take official visits paid for by the colleges beginning September 1 of the Junior year. This is meant to ease the burden of expenses for families to visit schools prior to committing and to level the recruitment playing field for all students. If it passes, this statute of the legislation is set to take effect August 1, 2018. Of the legislation that is up for vote, this is the most beneficial to student athletes and their families.


However, on the flip side, Proposal No. 2017-112 would restrict any unofficial visits from occurring prior to September 1 of a student-athlete’s Junior year. That means, student-athletes would no longer be allowed to visit a school to meet with the coaches, have any athletics-specific contact while on campus, or any complimentary admissions to sporting events prior to Junior year.

It is also going to be restricting the college coaches ability to have any contact with athletes prior to Junior year. Right now, a student-athlete can do all of those things outside of NCAA mandated dead periods. The difficult part about this proposal is that, should it pass the Council vote, it will take effect on April 25th, likely affecting the Class of 2020 the most. This proposal is the most concerning for both student-athletes and college coaches.


The final piece of legislation up for vote will concern Camps and Recruiting. Coaches will no longer be allowed to speak to athletes about recruiting during camp. So, attending college camps with the intention of it being a recruiting opportunity for an athlete will no longer be the case. This will make having a good Recruiting Coordinator or a Club Director that really understands the legislation a vital part of your club volleyball experience!

If you have any questions about how this legislation could affect your recruiting process, reach out to me. I would be happy to help!