FIVB finishes this season:

  • 1st Place - Commmonwealth Games in Canada (April 2018)

  • 1st Place - FIVB 5-Star in China (April 2018)

  • 4th Place - FIVB 4-Star in Huntington Beach (May 2018)



Sarah made Canada’s Indoor National Team at the age of 16



  • Four-Time First Team All-American

  • 2006 AVCA National Player of the Year

  • 2007 Honda Broderick Cup Winner for Top NCAA Female Student-Athlete

  • 2012 CEV Champions League Best Attacker

  • Two-Time FIVB World Tour Best Blocker





  • 2006 NCAA National Champions

  • Two-time Brazilian Superliga Champions

  • 5th Place 2016 Olympic Games


What’s is like playing club volleyball in Canada? Did you play club? Where?

Club volleyball has grown a lot in Canada, and now it is very similar to American club volleyball, but back when I played club it was really small. We had a tournament every month from October to April, and we mostly stayed in our province. My teams went to American tournaments every year, but most teams just stayed in Ontario to compete. I played in my hometown of Kitchener, Ontario for a club that was called the Waterloo Tigers. 

Back when I started, the youngest age group was 14U, and my parents finally let me play when I was 10. I was the youngest on the team by far, but as I got older, I continued to play up in the older age groups as well as with my own age. It helped me get better quickly.



What was your favorite memory  from when you played at Univ of Nebraska? 

Hands down, my fondest memory from Nebraska is winning the 2006 National Championship. One of the big reasons I went to Nebraska was to win, and we had lost to Washington in the final the year before. It was absolutely heart-breaking, but being able to come back the next year and win with a team that, on paper, wasn’t supposed to be as good as the 2005 team, is something that I will remember forever. It was made extra special because the group of girls was so close, and we were able to win it in our home state in front of all of our fans.



What are your hobbies off the court?

I am a HUGE nerd, and do a lot of nerdy stuff outside of volleyball. I love learning, so I am always taking one of two online classes in topics that interest me. Right now, I’m learning about herbalism and essential oils. I also love playing board games, doing crossword puzzles, and reading. I am a big foodie, and am always trying new restaurants or recipes, and I like getting out and being active, whether it be paddle boarding, hiking, bike riding, etc.

Random Fun fact...GO!

I was classically trained in piano through the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music. I played for over 10 years before I went to college. 

Why do you love coaching volleyball?

There have been a lot of amazing people who have helped me become the athlete I am, and get to where I am today. I am extremely fortunate to live the life I do through volleyball, and if I can share my experience, or help someone else get better or realize their dreams, then that makes me so happy. I didn’t do this alone, and I love giving back to the community that gave me the life I have today. 

If Volleyball didn’t exist what sport do you think or would you want to play instead ?



Food - Pizza!!
Animal - Giraffe (and not just because I’m tall)
Vacation destination - Rio de Janeiro
Clothing brand - If I’m wearing workout clothes, which is 98% of the time, it’s Lululemon. I love shopping for casual clothes at Anthropologie.
Workout - Beach Volleyball/Paddleboarding

Tell us something about your wonderful hubby Adam!

I am honestly the luckiest girl in the world to have found Adam. We share so many interests (volleyball is one of them), and he is the most supportive husband ever. He is the kindest human I have ever met. Adam played volleyball at McMaster University in Canada, and was the stats man for the Canadian National Team for several years. He is currently the assistant coach for my beach team, and helps run the AVP Academy. He is a computer programmer, and loves coaching both beach and indoor.